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Charcoal & Biochar

We supply quality charcoal produced from local woodlands. Domestic BBQ Charcoal is available in 3kg bags and restaurant grade l is available in 6kg bags.

There are many, many reasons why this charcoal is better than imported stuff.

  • Easy to light, no lighter fuel required and gets up to heat quicker
  • Is sustainably sourced and supports the local economy and local coppice workers
  • Promotes good management of local woodlands and healthy habitats for woodland wildlife
  • Low delivery miles – not transported from the other side of the world!

We also supply Biochar. This is a carbon-rich product, created as a by-product of charcoal making. Biochar can be used as a soil enricher to help raise crop yields and reduces the need for fertilisers.

It is most effective when ‘charged’. This is simply when it is mixed with a compost for at least a month so that it takes on additional nutrients and is able to release them into the soil more slowly than if the compost were unaltered.

As with all our products you are helping support the productive use of all parts of the tree within the context of sustainable coppice woodland management.