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Woodland Management and Felling

A lack of management is amongst the the most significant threats facing our woodlands today. A lack of active management means that sunlight can often no longer reach the woodland floor and today very few are grazed by livestock meaning woodland floors are often overgrown with brambles and  nettles instead of specialist woodland flora such as Bluebells and Wood anemone.

The first step in restoring neglected woodland is to write a woodland management plan.  Writing a plan is an opportunity to:

  • bring together everything you know about your woodland
  • to think about what is important to you in your woodland
  • what you want from your woodland; and,
  • to decide how best to manage it to meet your objectives.

The Forestry Commission offers Woodland Planning Grants for woodlands of 3ha and over which can cover most, if not all the costs of preparing a plan. Several of our members work with woodland owners to develop plans that fit with their own vision and objectives for their woods.  Once the plans have been approved by the Forestry Commission they can also help with implementing those plans and provide support with applications for further woodland grants.

See our Directory to find out which of our members can help with woodland planning and management.