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Coppice Products

Hazel makes excellent beanpoles and pea sticks.


The straight and slightly rough surface of the hazel rods are perfect for creating a structure for beans to grow up. Every gardener has their own preference, but a good beanpole would normally be approximately 8ft (2.4m) tall, 11/2inches (3- 4cm) at the base, straight and tapering to the tip. Often beanpoles will curve slightly towards the top which can be useful for creating arches or beanpole racks. Beanpoles may be sold in bundles of 11 to allow for an even number of uprights and a ridge pole along the top.

Pea sticks

The top branches of hazel rods when grown in a well-managed coppice will naturally grow in a fan shape. These branches make very good pea sticks. They are easy to transport and create a lattice or tunnel for peas to grow up. Pea sticks are available in bundles of 10 in lengths of 3-4ft and 4-5ft.

Hazel canes and stakes

A wide range of canes and stakes are available to support garden flowers and fruit such as dahlias and tomatoes. Coppiced flower sticks make an attractive and sustainable alternative to imported sticks and make great kindling at the end of the year. They can be purchased either in the round or cleft, graded and bundled to a variety of sizes.

Pyramids and obelisks

Pyramid and obelisk plant supports are very popular for supporting a range of climbing plants including sweet peas or longer lasting clematis and honeysuckle. IW Coppice workers can also produce larger and more robust plant supports with a range of designs.